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Active Duty Permethrin Treatment Kit

Active Duty Permethrin Treatment Kit


Achieve a high level of protection against biting and blood sucking insects where infestation is severe and the chance of contracting a disease such as Zika, Dengue Fever, malaria or West Nile Fever is high.

  • Permethrin is a safe yet powerful insecticide that is effective at killing mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, bedbugs, chiggers, flies and other insects that come in contact with treated gear.
  • Use it to treat clothing, sheets, sleeping bag liners, mosquito netting and other fabric gear.

Each kit contains 2 sets of gloves, bags, string, permethrin vials and instructions. Each set is enough to treat 1 large item of clothing (eg 1 pair of medium weight trousers), or additional smaller items. The weight and size of the fabric being treated will affect the amount of items able to be treated. Only treat outer layers of clothing – not underwear etc. Once treated and airdried, the fabric will stay treated for up to 10 washes, or in the case of mosquito nets (or items unlikely to be washed) 6 months duration.


The Active Duty brand of products was specifically designed and formulated for use by the NZ Defence Force and is also being used by other military forces around the world. The range covers insect repellents, sunscreens, a lip balm, camo face paint and a muscle rub, all of which are extremely effective – even in the harshest of conditions. The products are packed in explosive proof, safety flasks which have been specifically designed to fit comfortably in a pocket. All of the Active Duty products are NATO codified.


View our interactive world map to see the most common mosquito-borne diseases around the world and read our travel tips to stay safe when you travel overseas.

When visiting areas where mosquito borne diseases are endemic, it is recommended that wear you:

1) Wear light coloured clothing and cover as much skin as possible

2) Apply a premium DEET or Picaridin-based insect repellent such as Repel to all exposed skin

3) Use permethrin treated mosquito nets for sleeping if there is a chance that mosquitoes may be present.

DEET is a strong plasticiser that can distort or harm some plastics, synthetics and other materials. In case of accidental leakage always store DEET-based insect repellents separately in a zip-lock bag before stowing in luggage. When possible, store upright and make sure cap is screwed on tightly. Wash hands after using.

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