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I love the product. Easy to apply, smelt good and totally effective in repelling mosquitoes in Fiji and New Caledonia. I also had an interesting experience here in Townsville. I was watching an outdoor presentation and saw mosquitoes swarming onto the skin of the presenter. I offered my Repel stick, which she gratefully applied, saying she should be careful as she had had dengue the year before. Immediately after she applied the repellent we could see the bombarding mosquitoes diving towards her and then as soon as they were within about 6 or 8 centimetres doing a 180 degree turn and zooming away. If I had been a Repel salesperson I would have sold out on the spot!

Maureen W, Townsville.

Awesome stuff, brought some last week and finally I am able to relax at sunset enjoying the garden without getting eaten alive. Keep up the fantastic work.

John N, New Zealand

The mozzies in Borneo stood no chance with Repel - thanks so much!

Monique A, New Zealand