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Equip Speed Net

Equip Speed Net


The Equip Speed Net is a self-supporting mosquito net which does not need to be hung from above like other nets. It is treated with Permethrin to ensure adequate protection against biting insects.

  • Perfect for travellers who may not be able to hang a traditional net in their accommodation.
  • It has a strong, self-supporting structure with a removable floor and pegging eyelets which means it can be used on a bed or for outdoor use. The net is adjustable to cover both single and double beds.
  • Comes in a carry bag measuring just a few centimeters high with a diameter of 39cm - perfect for suitcases and good sized back packs.
  • Erected dimensions: 205cm L x 150cm W x 103cm H. Weight: 1200 grams.

The Permethrin treatment is effective for up to 3 years with correct care and storage. It can be retreated with Repel Permethrin Treatment Kits.

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